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Hi Kitty,

Admittedly a bit late responding here! Thanks for your interest. My primary work is regarding the elimination of tremor related issues when using a computer mouse. Lots of folks, my grandfather included, struggle with tremor sending the cursor all over, and additionally with their fingers constantly clicking the mouse buttons unintentionally.

I created SteadyMouse, a software program to solve this problem. You can see a little demo clip of it in action here if you like:

The company site is and contains a lot more detail. You are welcome there any time.


My name is Ben. I have been spared so far, however my grandfather, Dr. James Gottemoller,  has dealt with Essential Tremor due to Parkinson's disease for over a decade now. It has been a long road for him, as I'm sure you can relate.

I'm a software developer at heart, who lives and breathes code, and so starting back in 2005 I developed mouse software you may have heard of, to remove the tremor motion when using a computer. I won't say the name so as to not break the solicitation rules here, but I'm sure you can find it if you like.

Anyways, I'd like to just say hello to everyone here and offer custom software engineering help to improve things for folks. I do what I can to gather up feedback on the "pain points" people have when using their computers so I can then bring improvements to bear in "software land". I will keep tabs on the forum here, so feel free to shoot me a note if there's an area with using your computer that really needs work. Cheers!

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