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head tremor


Hello everyone,my name is sharon i am 43 and have suffered with a head tremor for 30 years,would love to find out if people have the same difficulties as me....

Hi Sharon

Thank you for your post. Being the mother of a child with a tremor in his hands I see the difficulties he has, quite often the simple things like writing, texting, fastening laces, carrying full cups etc.  How have you managed with your difficulties?

Take care


Hiya Sharon

Im 45 years old and have a head tremor also . I have found that the older i become the worse i get i also find the more stressed and anxious i become the worse it gets as well and i hope this is not TMI but the tremor gets very bad and painful around pmt time. Im currently trying medication but have not had any luck so far. I also find it very painful and i get very painful neck and shoulders

With my head tremor i isolate myself have no confidence and just wish it would go away, It seems to get worse on a night time and im like a nodding dog from the tv .

Its so good to read from some one that has the same problem. have you found anything that helps with yours ?

Sarah x

Hi, my name is Liz and I am 67 I have a tremor in my right side, left hand, and head and it is now effecting my voice. When you said you feel like a noddy dog, that’s just what I feel like,  Its comforting to know I’m not alone. My doctor is so dismissive of me asking for help she just said when I asked her last week for help”it will only get worse”
Nice to know I’m not alone thanks Liz


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